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Creating Digital Products That Drive Success: How a Digital Product Agency Can Help Your Business Succeed

February 22, 2023

As more businesses shift towards digitization, it’s vital for businesses to have a strong digital product strategy that aligns with their target audience and business objectives. However, not all businesses possess the necessary expertise or resources to create a digital product that effectively meets these requirements. Developing a digital product can prove challenging without the support of experts who can comprehend the customer’s needs. This is where a digital product agency can be a valuable asset.

A digital product agency is a team of experts who are committed to helping businesses create digital products that meet their customers’ needs. They offer a comprehensive service that includes ideation and validation, product roadmap creation, UX/UI design, product development, product management, and go-to-market strategy development and marketing for digital products. The agency oversees the entire process to ensure that everything is aligned with the vision and goals of the project.

The process delivered by a digital product agency involves several stages:

  1. Valuate — stage involves analytical processes to understand and internalize the exact needs of the customer;
  2. Discover — assessment of the data and visualizations in terms of user and market needs;
  3. Define — utilizing market experience to shape the most appropriate digital product;
  4. Develop — product development and market launch;
  5. Evolve — product maintenance and quality assurance based on collected statistical data

Benefits of working with a Digital Product Agency

The benefits of working with a digital product agency are numerous. One of the main advantages is that they can understand your vision from a high level and create a business solution that meets your requirements while optimizing the workflow for success. They provide a comprehensive solution that covers everything from ideation to launch, and the team is always aligned with your vision and ultimate goals.

Different digital products require different technical solutions matching the specifications or requirements. A digital product agency provides the right technology solutions and ensures it is also scalable in different stages of the product roadmap. Overall, this strategy helps businesses optimize their project budget to meet different goals at different stages of the product roadmap.

In addition to technical expertise, a digital product agency provides business solution advice to facilitate a digital product’s success in the market. This includes selecting the right personnel and workflow to run the entire project before and after launch. They play an important role as a “product manager”, which many organizations lack, particularly at the start-up or beginning stage when creating a new digital product. The product managers are responsible for establishing product strategy and overseeing development of the product to ensure it ultimately meets the objectives.

Before launching a digital product or service, a market strategy must be developed. The agency can provide a competitive strategy that covers all market needs. The go-to-market strategy includes sales strategy, marketing strategy, operating costs, and risk management. The marketing strategy for the digital product or service needs to be user-oriented and requires proper communication of the offer. A digital product agency can provide full coverage for marketing activities, as only a company that fully understands the strengths and limitations of a product can provide effective marketing advice.

Digital Product Agency vs. Software Development Studio: Which is Right for Your Business?

When choosing between a digital product agency, a software development studio, or a freelance developer, it can be a tough decision, especially for non-tech-savvy entrepreneurs. While software development studios and freelance developers may be able to assist with UX/UI design and development, their approach may not align with your product strategy and goals, which could lead to issues such as the final product not meeting your requirements, or the technology not being able to scale for future growth.

Digital product agencies aim to build successful and sustainable digital products, whereas software development studios focus solely on product development and completion. The initial cost of hiring a software development studio or freelance developer might seem appealing, but it can lead to overspending on “re-developing” the product later on. This can result in building an unsuitable product and losing your investment.

On the other hand, working with a digital product agency can help you manage and mitigate these risks at an early stage by ensuring alignment of your product strategy and goals. Think of it as building a new structure on a piece of land. You can either engage a contractor directly or hire an architect who plans, designs, and oversees the construction. An architect ensures that the building is well-designed and well-built, while a contractor is only responsible for the construction. A digital product agency is like an architect for your digital product. Their goal is to ensure that your product is well-designed and built with your business objectives in mind.

Find Your Solution with Zurogix Digital Agency

Digital product agencies are important for helping businesses identify their needs and find solutions. If you need to create a digital product or sell your services online, Zurogix Digital Agency can help. Our experienced team listens to your needs and delivers tailored solutions. Contact us for a free consultation to get started.

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