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February 22, 2023

Creating Digital Products That Drive Success: How a Digital Product Agency Can Help Your Business Succeed

A digital product agency is like an architect for your digital product. Their goal is to ensure that your product is well-designed and built with your business objectives in mind.

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What is a digital product agency?

A digital product agency is an external team to bring cross-functional expertise to help companies create the right digital product for the right target audience, and figure out which is the best way to add value to your business and users. By working with a digital product agency, you can unlock new insights about what your users value and what challenges to stay ahead of in your market.

If you need to search for a UX agency, development agency, and marketing agency, a digital product agency can fulfill these multiple agencies’ capabilities as a single team.

Why hire a digital product agency?

Compared to the average internal team, agency teams are optimized for speed, focus, and agile. The benefits of hiring a digital product agency are efficiency and cost-effectiveness. It also helps to align your product development process.

A digital product agency can help avoid biases and mitigate the risk of building the wrong products, de-risk a huge investment and big decision. As digital product agency is not directly tied to your product, you’ll get an unbiased, expert opinion on the decisions that are best for your product as informed by market research and industry best practices.

Why are we different from a software development agency?

Software development agencies focuses on developing software, and digital product agency focuses on strategizing the products, before you ever get to the “how” of the technical solution.

Those wanting to make an impact in the digital world think that finding something labeled a "development" or "design" company will suffice. Typical software development agencies might be able to handle one part of bringing a digital product to the market but can’t do it all.

We refer to ourselves as a digital product agency as our services extend far beyond typical custom software development agency. These offerings help your team get aligned behind a direction, receive user validation, create cross-platform consistency, and more.

Who should onboard a digital product agency?

It doesn't matter if you have a start-up or if you're a established company; a digital product agency will contribute to pursuing digital transformation in your company. The agency can work together with your tech department or even function as the tech department itself if the company doesn't have one. It can either work to improve your organization as a whole with tech or participate only in a specific project; or even incorporate into your team a particular skill you don't have in-house.

What do I get when I work with Zurogix?

We’ll start by looking at your idea or existing infrastructure and seriously consider the best solutions. The goal is to validate market demand and guarantee that you’re investing in the best idea possible. To accomplish this, we’ll surround you with our product specialist to guide you through the collaborative discovery period.

Why should I hire a UX consultant?

A UX consultant can help you develop a user-centric product that would be the perfect fit for your customers. They will conduct an audit of your business and help you understand how to improve the customer experience, which an include everything from changing the layout of the website or app, adding new features, removing old features, changing user flows etc. They can help you understand what is best for your company and what changes need to be made in order to reach your goals.

When it comes to redesigning a poorly performing platform, the research experience and delivery knowledge will save stakeholders time and money in the long term.

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