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The keys to a successful digital-first organization (Part 1)

October 17, 2022

The best way to deal with the digital trend is to focus on these key areas of the digital-first mindset:

  • Improved customer experience
  • Enhanced business processes
  • Keeping up online presence
  • Remaining agile and scale digital capabilities

Emphasizing these areas allows your businesses to stay competitive and most likely to win the race in a rapidly growing digital economy.

Improved customer experience

The experience of customers is at the heart of your digital strategy. Customer experience should be digital-first in order to effectively and efficiently connect with customers and provide better service that addresses customers’ wants, needs and future desires. Think of the application of chatbot or AI Assistant which helps businesses answer customer inquiries and provide instant support to customers, which replace traditional way of walking in and taking a number.

According to the latest report by Ernst and Young, 94% of respondents have researched products or services online in 2020, and 40% of them will walk away from a business that fails to offer them a high-quality digital experience.

Digital-first businesses focus on delivering holistic customer experience with innovative products and services that incorporate digital experience to their customers in a quick and seamless way. Digital products and services can reach customers anywhere on earth and can scale faster to serve enormous numbers of customers. The more your product or service is designed as a digital experience, the easier you can leverage those new capabilities and potential to generate more revenue from a larger customer base.

We can look to Grab’s super app as a good example of how a ride-hailing app negated the need to stand by the roadside to flag a taxi and how it has extended the customer experience for food delivery service and cashless payment all in one. Think of a product like Touch ‘n Go (TnG) app, which has removed the need for people to queue for reloading credits for their TnG card; and how the app can be scaled to offer additional services such as paying utility bills, insurance, parking and shopping anytime with the credits.

One of the major benefits of investing in digital products and services is the ability to leverage data collection and analysis to better understand customer needs and meet customer experience expectations through initiatives like personalized customer journey. In a digital world, data is king. You can extract useful insights and use them to fine tune your customer experience, refine your marketing strategy and optimize your digital campaigns that will eventually lead to ROI increase.

Final Thoughts

Customer behaviours have shifted during the crisis and may not revert to pre-pandemic norms. With the cost of acquiring new customers high – business owners need to focus on creating and sustaining engagement with each and every customer.

Customer experience should be a priority in every level (product, marketing, operation and customer service) of your business in order to win the race and gain a sustainable competitive advantage in a market where the users have a variety of options.

We hope today’s article helped you understand the priority of customer experience in your digital strategy better. If you want to adopt such an approach, we’ve got you covered. Our digital product specialists know everything about creating and launching products.

So, if you need someone to help with that, contact our dedicated team.

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